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Happiness a Pursuit?

December 13, 2008

Finding Peace

Searching within oneself is probably the most difficult moment to achieve. In this day in age our world is filled with many distractions of entertainment and technological advancements to keep us occupied for days at a time. Taking our busy lifestyle of distraction into consideration, it becomes extremely difficult to tune into our “inner” selves, or as I would like to say, “spiritual selves”. Rarely do we find enough quiet time in the day to meditate, relax, and self reflect.

Although some of us have no interest in spirituality or meditation, everyone wants one main thing in life, that is, to be Happy. As human beings learning until the day our bodies no longer exist in this realm, we seek happiness, long for it, become frustrated, complaining about every dissatisfaction we have because it seems Happiness is very difficult to attain.

Despite its difficulties, we always find a way to attain temporary happiness, I call this, “Filling in the Void”; whether it’s living vicariously through someone else’s life, exposing our vanity and becoming boastful to hide insecurities, consuming drugs, coercing disadvantageous relationships, developing compulsive spending habits, we always find a way to achieve an escape into what we believe creates a fix.

After all these temporary fixes, we stay ignorant and unaware of how we truly feel. We have a hard time being honest with ourselves about what makes us happy and we forget what we need as opposed to what we want. All of these Utopian habits prolong the process of where we can find and generate happiness, that is, within yourself. If we take time out in the day, away from the madness and distractions that we involve ourselves in, good and bad, and decipher the things we want to achieve, only then will we understand clearly about what will make us complete. This is not a process that happens in one day, this takes patience, time, and discipline. Everyday is another day to meditate and discipline ourselves.

I have recently come to realize that going on a manhunt to find an emotion is not only silly, but unattainable. Happiness, therefore, must not be a pursuit or a life long journey, it should be a habitual lifestyle. You must find a way to continuously think of ways to appreciate every little thing you have and have been given. Self reflect on the things that might displease and/or dissatisfy you and logically find a way out of those situations. You must be spiritually and mentally apt in order to achieve this lifestyle. Trust me, I am still on my disciplinary struggle to never forget, only I can make myself complete.

Thanks for Reading

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