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How to “Simply” Read Your Birth Chart

December 19, 2008

Animated Birth Chart

As life passes, we experience new things that continuously show us different aspects of our personalities. As human beings we are ever changing with time but still, we live by our own standards. Everyone has their likes and dislikes; some people like long lasting relationships while others prefer to never give marriage or committed relationships a thought. Some people are leaders and others, followers.

If you would like to understand yourself a little better or compare compatibility between you and a loved one or friend, I would suggest looking up a Natal or “Birth” Chart online. There is a list of links on the bottom of this blog to help you further. Here are a few things you should know before you do…

Accuracy: The Time, Date, and Year you were born, of course 😉

Houses: There are 12 Houses in a Chart, the chart is a circle divided into 12 sections or “houses”, similar to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Here, according the the day, time, and year you were born, explains what planets, stars, and moons, all referred to as “Planets” were located and aligned in specific parts of the universe, aligning together with certain signs of the zodiac.

A simple outline of each house is:

1st – Self, appearance, approach

2nd – Financial, value, earning capacity

3rd – Immediate environment, the mind

4th – Base of operations, the home, end of a matter

5th – Romance, speculation, children

6th – Health, Work/Profession

7th – Marriage, partnerships

8th – Death, sex, regeneration

9th – Religion, philosophies, higher education

10th- Career, superiors

11th- Friends, hopes and dreams

12th- Self communion, sub-conscious

Planets: There are 10 planets including the sun and the moon, each planet will rule a particular sign and there will be a combined interpretation of your characteristics in each house.

The overview of the planets are:

SUN: Associated with the ego and inner self.

Moon: Associated with moods and memories.

Mercury: Associated with all methods of communication.

Venus: Associated with feelings, affections and harmony.

Mars: Associated with self assertion and confidence.

Jupiter: Associated with growth, prosperity and good fortune.

Saturn: Associated with limitation, reality and practicality.

Uranus: Associated with new and unconventional ideas, inventions and genius.

Neptune: Associated with fantasy, myth, spirituality and mysticism.

Pluto: Associated with the transformational processes of life – birth, sex and death.

and how you can relate them to each sign

Astrological Signs: All brief descriptions of the 12 signs.


Aries strengths and weaknesses

Headstrong, courageous Self-absorbed
Impulsive Oblivious to surroundings
Assertive Aggressive
First, self-motivating, initiating Impatient
Honest, straightforward Opinionated
Competitive Argumentative
Youthful Provocative
Idealistic Angry


Taurus strengths and weaknesses

Patient Stubborn
Practical Materialistic
Sensual Greedy
Dependable Resistant to change
Peace loving Lazy
Artistic Negative
Outdoorsy Possessive
Good with money


Gemini strengths and weaknesses

Versatile Scattered
Curious Flighty
Talkative Gossiping
Communicative Difficult to pin down
Quick learner Nervous
Intelligent Superficial
Good with new ideas & languages
“Jack of all trades” Fickle
Duality, 2 jobs, 2 majors, 2 lovers Two-faced
Often has several projects going at once


Cancer strengths and weaknesses:

Considerate Defensive
Supportive Moody
Nurturing Self-indulgent
Intuitive Selfish
Mothering Smothering
Good with the public
Sensitive Overemotional
Tenacious Clings to people and things
Conservative Negative
A homebody Withdrawn


Leo’s strengths and weaknesses:

Loyal Over-idealistic
Confident False bravado
Respectful Judgemental
Idealistic Self-centered
Trusting Egotistical
Creative Seeks approval from the outside
Proud Perfectionist
Generous Naive
Good with children
A natural performer


Virgo’s strengths and weaknesses

Efficient, gets the job done Compulsive about details
Calm, quiet Way too hard on self
Practical Negative, “glass half empty”
Service oriented Critical, perfectionist
Devoted to duty Worries too much
Flexible Judgmental
Good with details Fault finding
Analytical Hypochondriac
Health and body conscious
Meticulous Holds others to a high standard
Communicates through actions rather than words


Libra’s strengths and weaknesses

Balanced Opportunistic
Diplomatic “Peace at any price”
Refined Style more important than substance
Artistic Impractical
Just, fair Indecisive
Objective A yes-person
Graceful Lazy
Charming Avoids necessary confrontation
Creates beauty & harmony
Good with one-on-one interactions


Scorpio’s strengths and weaknesses

Passionate Jealous
Perceptive Guilt-ridden
Determined Manipulative
Supportive Obsessive
Healing Controlling
Willful Cruel
Powerful Destructive
Insightful Defensive
Good in crisis situations Secretive (hides vulnerabilities)
Strong survival instincts


Sagittarius’ strength and weaknesses

Straightforward Impersonal
Optimistic Tactless
Open-minded Impractical
Outgoing Phony, “plays the part”
Adventurous Extravagant
A natural teacher Over-commits
Idealistic Rationalizes
Philosophical Dogmatic
Aware of the “big picture”


Capricorn’s strengths and weaknesses:

Independent Selfish
Serious Status seeking
Hardworking Corporate minded
Responsible Stingy
Methodical Greedy
Patient Pessimistic
Late Bloomer, ages well Paranoid
Ambitious Materialistic


Aquarius strengths and weaknesses:

Logical Hard-headed
Objective Detached
Visionary Obstinate
Humanitarian Rebellious
Eccentric Unpredictable
Independent Tactless
Intelligent Avoids dealing with emotions


Pisces strengths and weaknesses

Sensitive Impressionable
Compassionate Martyr, victim mentality
Psychic, open to other people’s emotions
Spiritual Prone to addictions
Intuitive Way too tolerant of bad situations
Artistic, musical Self-Sacrificing
Nurturing, nursing Spacey, confused
Imaginative Escapist
Idealistic Passive

Foundation of a Chart:

Signs are the “HOW” Operation – How energies of the planets will be expressed.

Planets are the “WHAT” Operation – What type of energy.

Houses are the “WHERE” Operation – Circumstances or the environment where planets in signs will manifest themselves.


Chaos Astrology

Here are a few other links that give you LESSONS on Reading Natal Chart’s…

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For A Symbol Break Down click here:

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A Great Break Down on Zodiac Signs:

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