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Capture Life’s Precious Moments – Parris Whittingham Photography

January 2, 2009
Parris Whittingham Photography

Parris Whittingham

Parris Whittingham is a phenomenal poet, actor, and photographer. He is an inspirational man with a hardworking demeanor and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.

ParrisParris Whittingham was the first person I met at SUNY Purchase College. Both of us were nineteen years old and had a mature mind set coming into college. I was immediately attracted to his outlook on life and became intrigued by his talents considering he mastered them all.

Recently, I have been keeping tabs on his website, and was amazed at how sensational it was. From the music, to the categories, to the creative way he captures each moment. He has even had Kanye West vouch for him, calling him “A brilliant photographer… “. Here are some photographs for you to see.

Parris Whittingham PhotographyParris Whittingham PhotographyParris Whittingham PhotographyParris Whittingham Photography

To learn more about this gentleman he has a creative personal blog at Diary of an Artist: Behind the lens with Parris Whittingham at this blog he shares his projects, thoughts, and ideas with the world. Here are a few of his photos for taste, the rest will be surprising and crack smiles to your faces at his website.

Parris Whittingham

Please,  if you need any photographer to hook you up and capture life’s most precious  moments, hire this gentleman. For contact details please click on the first photograph above and it will automatically link you to the site. Just ask Kanye how dope he is! Kanye West’s Blog Post of Parris Whittingham’s Photography Enjoy!

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