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Why Eating Like a Vegan Can Save Your Life

January 19, 2009

Veggie Lover

Here is a thought… Natural vegetation promotes healthy cells. Real living substances, nourishes the body and detoxifies at the cellular level. One must consume life to maintain and sustain itself-not Death.

In America consumerism, we are enticed by double stuffed Oreos, 100 calorie junk food packs, All jiggly flavors of Jello gelatin, and more chemically created foods than ever before. We were born into this way of life. We eat whatever we want and become tricked into believing consuming bad foods are healthy for us. We become bamboozled by commercials suggesting fast foods promote a “healthy way of life”. From meats being very affordable, to easy access of 24 hour fast food chains, I will show and prove that not even the milk we drink (Advertised as “Does a Body Good!”) is good for us.

Now and days we believe anything “Natural” is ridiculous, we believe everything doctors tell us because we have faith “they know what’s best”. Some of us are so stubborn and lazy that we don’t even look into the hazardous substances that are imposed on us. This ranges from Medicinal Drugs for any and everything: Flu Shots to Immunizations, Suggested Caesarean Sections, and special diets or specific foods they suggest we eat. There is no better way to eat than the all natural way.

Many of the diseases we developed are results of poor eating. Day after day we consume processed foods, meats and dairy from sources unknown, and these consumptions have no nutritional value. Many of us eat to indulge and satisfy our taste buds. Most of the foods we eat have no nutritional value and advertisements will make us believe that when we choose their product, we will be healthy.

The government has even allowed an advertising campaign which according to CBS, costs anywhere from 20-30 Million Dollars, by the Corn Refiners Association to persuade people High Fructose Corn syrup is actually good for you. See commercial below.

Notice how she says, “And it’s fine in moderation.”

A Blog on The Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Problems Caused by Too Much HFCS

  • It can lead to higher caloric intake
  • It can lead to an increase in body weight
  • Increase of appetite
  • It increases the amount of processed foods you eat, thereby decreasing your intake of nutrient-dense foods
  • It may increase insulin resistance and triglycerides

Now Back to Veganism.

Here are two informative and disturbing clips of a documentary I saw in 2008.

In many cases with beef or cows food grows scarce for them, when this becomes a problem, the laborers feed them their own kind, the sick cows that passed and/or dogs (I’ve seen footage),. This causes diseases and cancers to increase in human beings such as Alzheimer’s disease and many others. Every day we develop a cancer cell in our body, it is then awaiting a natural food for our body to consume in order to sustain its health.

Does Milk Really DO Your Body Good?

In the documentary I saw a year ago, there was one situation with an old lady , a jogger and a doctor, Ruth Heidrich, who became diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had surgery, however, the cancer already spread throughout her body. Doctors recommended she get radiation and chemotherapy, common sense told her radiation will only spread the cancer cells and make it worse. She saw five different doctors and the fifth had a resolution. He asked her about her eating habits and she explained she ate Fish, Chicken, 1% Milk, No Red Meat…and he stopped her replying, “Well there you go.” After she changed her diet with all natural foods her body healed on its own and now she looks extremely youthful and radiant. Click here to read Dr. Ruth’s interview

Being a Vegan can without any questions or doubt improve your health and heal everything doctors are supposed to cure. A doctor will never give a suggestion on how to prevent disease, they can only be successful in business when they can promote medicines and try to fight diseases.

Disclaimer: I am not telling those with diseases how to cure themselves, I am only shedding light so you can prevent them from happening to you. Eating healthy improves your lifestyle in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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  1. Lores permalink
    January 20, 2009 7:01 am

    Another interesting blog post! I totally agree that living a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle is better than health.

    I think dietary awareness is being taken a bit more seriously in the UK than the US – at the moment I believe that the UK is teh second most obese nation in the world after the US..but there are various government initiatives to get people eating healthier now.

    Food nowadays is full of chemicals..and even the labels ‘free range’ or ‘organic’ cannot be truely trusted, being that they have such flexible guidelines.

    I think this is an interesting post, and will watch the videos later (at work at the moment so cant!)

    The only thing I would question is this paragraph:

    “There was one situation with an old lady…….After she changed her diet with all natural foods her body healed on its own and now she looks extremely youthful and radiant”

    While I agree that eating habits are a good way of helping to prevent illness I do not believe that when diagnosed with a serious illness that it would substitute medical advice. This paragraph seems to imply that we can all self medicate with diet alone, and I think that is a very dangerous thing to say in a public forum.

    Really interesting post though – look forward to reading more!


  2. lyricspoetic permalink*
    January 20, 2009 12:18 pm

    I am glad you found some of this useful. I couldn’t even watch the complete second video on meat, it was too much.

    And I totally understand that words alone cannot prove that an old lady somewhere healed herself by eating all natural foods. I saw this in a documentary. Studies do show however, that all the virus’s the government says can not be cured can be cured through eating all natural foods. This doesn’t mean foods labeled organic, or organic eggs, it means all natural foods. Juices, leafs, fresh vegetables, anything natural and not processed or tampered with.

    There is a lot of research to understand what we never knew about the food we eat. I will do my best to find a clip online to support the last statement. I will also put a disclaimer on here saying that I am not telling anyone how to cure their sickness, I am just shedding light on how to prevent it.

    Thanks Lores!

  3. January 20, 2009 3:14 pm

    Awesome post! I’ll be sure to keep up with the articles you post!

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