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Discovering The Realm of Tarot and It’s Benefits

February 7, 2009

The Star

Tarot is a set of 78 cards originated in Europe used as playing cards to later be used in English speaking countries for divinatory purposes. The divinatory meanings of each card derives from the Quabbalah of Jewish Mysticism and from medieval alchemy. Tarot cards are not magic nor evil, they are just symbolic cards that work well by accurately answering a detailed question according to the energy of the Querent (the person asking the question) and the one actually shuffling the cards and focusing on the situation.

As a little girl I saw family members reading their cards and I never had any idea as to what they were or how they worked. As I got older I asked for readings and recently started reading on my own. Now there are different myths, rules and suggestions on how to read and shuffle cards however, I find it that as long as you protect them, quiet your television, and focus on your question and situation, you will be able to allow your intuition speak to you as you shuffle and select the cards.


One book I find very helpful, especially for beginners, is a book by Nancy Garen, called Tarot Made Easy. I find this book helpful when I ask certain questions. This book has different categories to each card such as Numerology (telling you what the card represents) Desire (what the card means in terms of desire), Advice, Union, Health/Physical Body, New Beginnings, Others, Romance, Mail, Career, Outcome, etc.

You can purchase this book on or any other major book stores in your area.

The Benefits of Tarot

Although no one can determine your future but YOU, the answers to the questions asked show you your, or the querent’s desire now, what the possibility of the future is with that desire in mind, and the possible outcome. I take the information provided by tarot and if I intuitively feel and know that something might not be in my best interest, I know how to prepare and create another route for myself. Tarot for me, has become a helpful tool in making better decisions for myself as well as allowing me to tap into motives of others whether they are good or bad. It is definitely an interesting way to tap into the spiritual realm, similar to crystals and the sixth sense of a clairvoyant individual.

If you are new to tarot and have questions I recommend this tarot forum

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