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Film Review: The Last House on the Left

March 25, 2009

Click Here to Go to Official Website

Click Here to Go to Official Website

I was extremely skeptical about seeing this film because of the opinions of critics and the Up and Down reviews it received from viewers. I was aware that there was a rape scene and I am sensitive to those kinds of things. I made the decision not to judge without seeing it myself so I gave it a shot. Not to mention I trust Wes Craven and if he played a part in producing this film, I was sure to like some aspect of it.

Highly suspenseful is the best way I can describe this film. With lots of graphic gore combined with the story, Director Dennis IIiadas and writers Adam Alleca and Carl Ellsworth did a great job putting together a thrilling plot. There were a few times I covered my mouth with both hands and the ending made me react…well, my foot was in the air. If you have a taste for thrills and revenge this film is definitely a go see.

The plot, which I don’t want to kill for all those who have not yet seen it,is about three young adults who have an emotional psychological problem and seek to harm and put fear in the hearts of others. Throughout this film, you as the viewer will pick a side and become sucked into the gore, suspense, and thrill that this film will take you on.


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