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Urban Word NYC: A Safe Haven For Teen Expressionists

March 28, 2009

Urban Word NYCUrban Word NYC is a non profit organization in New York City that allows teenagers from ages 13 – 21 to come together and receive mentorship from other creative individuals. Urban Word NYC provides a series of workshops on self expression through creativity and poetry. Focusing on  freedom of uncensored expression.

I found out about Urban Word NYC after researching for a grant writing class in college. Poetry is a passion of mine so this non profit organization had me sold. Upon discovering Urban Word, I had only wished I knew about it when I was a teen. I am sure I would have excelled in my craft and surely, I would’ve stayed out of trouble and into the arms of the wise. My first meeting with Urban Word NYC was with a woman named Lisa Russell, she wrote grants for the program while working on her own film projects. She does a lot of promotion for the organization and is a wonderful humanitarian. The mission of Urban Word NYC is, “To Ensure that NYC youth be provided with a safe, supportive, dynamic and challenging community in which to discover their powerful voices – through written and spoken word – and use them to express their views, self-esteem and engage them in opportunities that address the sociopolitical issues that affect them. Urban Word provides free and uncensored writing and performance opportunities to youth in all five boroughs of NYC. Their workshops are designed to develop critical thinking skills, leadership, and to ignite a personal commitment to growth and learning which leads to heightened school performance, and a greater interest in pursuing their higher education.”

urbanwordUrban Word’s Vision is to build a community of young leaders, writers, spoken word and hip-hop artists who, through self-awareness and enhanced critical thought, help after the socio-economic pathway constructed for inner city youth, from marginalization toward one of empowerment, tolerance and social responsibility. Urban Word NYC works with 15,000 teens per year in NYC alone. Urban Word NYC also holds different events such as an annual NYC Teen Poetry Slam, NY Knicks Poetry Slam, local and national youth slams, festivals, reading series, open mics and more.

urbanwordEvents are non stop and for the latest performances and slams you can go to Urban Word NYC for updates. To be a part of Urban Word NYC’s goal please make a donation, any amount is greatly appreciated, feel free to purchase a book, CD or T-Shirt.

Some of their funders include Axe-Houghton Foundation, Charles Hayden Foundation, ConEd, Department of Cultural Affairs, Jewish Communal Fund, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Ms. Foundation for Women, New York, Community Trust, Partners for Arts Education, Time Warner, The Starbucks Foundation and more.

Your support is greatly appreciated and very much recognized!

Brook Yung an Urban Word NYC Poet

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  1. lacey permalink
    June 3, 2009 12:33 pm

    I have been helping some Non profit organizations wiht getting some trucks to help them with their cause some organizations use trucks to deliver food, clothing or bedding to the homeless. I found that Uhaul sells out their used trucks. This has helped a few people in obtaining trucks to help their cause. If you are interested or try sharing to get the word out. It really does help and makes a difference.


    • lyricspoetic permalink*
      June 4, 2009 9:42 am

      Thanks for chekcing it out. Send me the information to my email address and I will look into it.

    • lyricspoetic permalink*
      June 4, 2009 9:42 am

      Thanks for checking it out. Send me the information to my email address and I will look into it.

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