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Trouble for TV Pilots in California

March 29, 2009


Filming in California isn’t always affordable for a productions budget. Tax incentives are perhaps the most important thing any state has to offer a production.  In California a locations fee does not apply, however, there are costs for the location itself. Now that the economy is stirred up, both New York and California are reassessing their incentives.

According to Variety Magazine there are least 20 out of 39 hour-long pilots that are set to shoot outside of California’s borders. Recently California has approved a $500 Million five-year production tax credit incentive program. Unfortunately for their mission, many of the productions believe it is too late and it may be an inconvenience because there are too many strings attached.

California allows tax incentives for productions who’s budgets are a minimum of $1 Million Dollars. This year many pilots have traveled to Baltimore, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Richmond VA, Pittsburgh, Providence and R.I. because their tax incentives were beneficial to production costs. Even Twentieth Century Fox TV traveled as far as Prauge for it “Da Vinci Code” film. Recently, New Jersey has greenlit their own incentives as well. To see more on this matter click here.

If you enjoy New York City being a main place for features and t.v. shows to shoot please ask to save NYC’s tax incentives.

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