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Image is Everything

May 19, 2009

Peter PerfectImage is Everything” according to many people as well at Peter Ishkhans the “style-nista” of his own business makeover show “Peter Perfect”.

In general, I always mixed image with materialistic. I don’t know why, perhaps it was because in order to look good, you must purchase items to make yourself look good and keep up. However, I believe it reigns true that image is important. Whether we like it or not, people make judgments after seeing something or someone for the first time. Appearance can tell a lot about a person as a whole. To be honest, from a persons style alone, I can tell if they keep their home neat or not.

So let’s face it, image is important, especially when it comes to business. When running a business your job is to attract clientele. So you must appear friendly, high end, and show others that what you have, they need.  I appreciate the show “Peter Perfect” because Peter goes to businesses that are at risk of losing everything and adds a lot of charisma, hope and inspiration to them all. He takes what could be a disaster and transforms the look, feel, and organizes each organization with style and grace. With the help of Wonderful Graffiti and many other vendors, he helps piece each business together, while taking the employees and making over their souls and looks. Check the show out here Peter Perfect.

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