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NYC Promoting Fear Instead of Safety

June 14, 2009

Law against us

On a lovely morning on my way to work I spot a nice sign above me showing that if we are to even think of assaulting NYC Transit personnel, we are to be locked up and thrown in jail for 7 years or less. I am thinking, why are they telling us this? Why does NYC choose to put fear in our hearts instead of making us feel safe?

“Attention MTA Passengers, please hold on to all of your belongings. ” “You are subject to random search by the police.” Is the everyday typical speaker announcements you hear riding the NYC Subway.

These announcements along with the complimentary police presence aren’t necessarily provided for us to feel “safe”.  In fact, I am always feeling scrutinized as if I am not supposed to be riding the train in the first place. All you see are advertisements saying, “If you see something, Say something.”


I am a New Yorker, and I being fed to fear, rather than being protected.


Please hide your tampons, condoms or anything else you thought you could keep private.  Supposedly you are the terrorist and what a sad day it is for this type of protocol to exist just to create the thought, that we are all in trouble. So Never Forget…


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