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Love Thyself so You can Love Each Other

April 21, 2011

Love: the feeling you experience when you are not feeling alone. The feeling that causes you to feel accepted, like you have your place in the world. It’s always an interesting feeling when people who are “supposed” to love you, turn on you. It makes you think of all the other people who say they love you. It makes you wonder, “Do these people really love me or would they turn their back against me too?”

To my understanding, love is not supposed to cause pain. Oftentimes we are unable to display compassion. In essence, love is probably the hardest feeling to show and prove in its appropriate manner because most people in the universe are unable to love themselves the right way. Many of us judge ourselves and have a hard time with self control and discipline. Very few people trust other people with their own emotions, secrets, or money.

Many relationships fail because of fear as well as  the memories we hold onto. Everyone at some point or another has had someone do something wrong to them. It is understandable that trust is an issue for most people however, letting go of past hurts and being kind to yourself and others is the best choice for anyone. The more we practice change within ourselves, the easier it is to give others a second chance.


1. Read self-help books about appreciating yourself: Positive thinking is a wonderful way to stay healthy physically and spiritually.

2. Practice Good Manners: Saying, “Please, Thank You, May I”, giving compliments, and showing appreciation, help you feel better as a human being. It also helps you manifest positive ways of living. In turn, you will start appreciating yourself.

3. Give back to the Earth: Now I am not saying go ALL THE WAY Green, but planting flowers, trees, recycling, purchasing plants for your home can help you get in touch with your human side. Remember, we are made up of our universe and we easily get side tracked pulling us further away from resources that make us feel whole.

4. Do onto Others as you would like done onto You: It is very easy to get caught up into negativity. Being cranky and doing things for everyone else but ourselves can make us ugly people who constantly complain. In turn, we get bitter and mean towards people. NOT GOOD. We should not curse, act out negatively, or treat people poorly because we are dissatisfied with something. Sure, if you find you might not be pleased with someones behavior, you can address it calmly with respect. But please folks, treat others with compassion and love.

5. The Past NO LONGER EXISTS: Everyone deserves the right to evolve. If someone has done something in the past that you did not approve of, do not hold onto it forever. Either let go, or distance yourself from that person. Also be mindful, whatever person who held themselves untrustworthy in your past DOES NOT mean the new people you meet will do the same things. Do not make your new friends, lovers, or partners pay for the mistakes of your past experience. I notice the people who judge are the people expecting people to judge them; The people who misrepresent themselves and their monogamous relationship, usually expect and fear that their partner will behave that way. Not good, great example of loving thyself properly.

6. Meditate: You don’t have to meditate they way some Indians do but take out time to self reflect and appreciate the blessings you have. I find that when I appreciate, I gain. When I want and desire, I barely see results. Want not, but know you are taken care of by the universe and you are beautiful.

7. Forgive Yourself: We all make mistakes and become angry for any small thing. We are humans, I expect nothing less. When trying to walk your path of positivity and self control, take the time out to forgive your own mistakes and if possible ask others to forgive your mistakes from the past. This will take heavy burdens off of your shoulders and assist you with starting anew.

8. Love Yourself and Others Daily: Refresh your mind, body and spirit daily. This is daily self love I am trying to stress to you all. Everyday is a BRAND NEW DAY, a New chance to act accordingly like a loving person. Not everyday will be an exceptional one, but YOU have the control to make YOU SHINE WITH LOVE!

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